Take Control of Your Investments:

Fire Your Bank, Pay No Fees, and Earn Better Returns

Does it make you sick to stare at your financial statement and see that your investment portfolio is underperforming or even earning you less than it’s costing you? Does it make you worry that you won’t be able to retire when you want to, how you want to?

You are not alone. People all over the country are finally saying no to the low yield investment products offered by banks. They are taking control of their investments and earning much better returns by becoming Private Lenders. That’s right. They have decided to cut out the middleman and become the banks. And now you can, too. It’s simpler than it sounds.


Safe & Secure Returns connects you to a thriving community of real estate investors who are looking to fund their next residential or commercial real estate deal. Instead of going through a bank, these investors are looking to borrow from individual investors like you. As the lender, you determine the terms for each transaction, ensuring that you are getting an optimal return rate for your investment.

How Much Do You Want to Earn?

As a Private Lender, you are the bank. You decide how much to lend, to whom, for how long, and at what rate. And each loan is backed by real estate. This investment strategy gives you the freedom and flexibility to reach your financial objectives faster. Click below to calculate the potential return on your investment.

The Benefits

You are The Bank

You are The Bank

Quickly and easily build a portfolio that fits your financial objectives by choosing from a variety of investment opportunities. You set terms for the loan and control the entire process.

Solid Returns

Solid Returns

As a Private Lender, your investment is not at the mercy of a financial manager or the stock market. You’ll know exactly how much you will earn over time as borrowers repay their loans monthly.

Fully Secure

Fully Secure

When you lend money as a Private Lender, get peace of mind knowing that your investment is secured by real estate.

Why become a private lender?

Traditional investment options do not meet the financial needs and goals of most Americans. Mutual Funds, bonds, IRAs, and CDs have delivered mixed results in the recent past. Add to their low performance the onerous fees charged by the big banks and many investors are left in the red.

Stress from an ever-changing market should not be part of your long-term financial plan. That’s why more and more investors have chosen to seek alternative investment options. This demand for creative investment strategies has driven private lending to soar.

As a Private Lender, you take control of your finances and find comfort in a stable return on your investment. Essentially, you decide how much money to lend, the interest rate of the loan, and whom to lend the funds to. This process removes the uncertainties that accompany other investment opportunities.

Private Lenders earn solid returns while minimizing their risk. At Safe & Secure Returns, you are connected to investors who are looking to borrow money from other investors. Our borrowers are typically real estate investors who are looking to fund their next rehab, construction, or commercial project. With real estate as a guarantee, your loan is secured by a real asset, which you are able to carefully choose based on your own selection criteria.

The relationship between a Private Lender and an investor borrower is mutually beneficial. As a Private Lender, you earn a solid return on your investment, while the investor borrower gains access to funding and still comes out ahead in comparison to traditional financing options.

A Tale of Two Investments

How does investing your money as a Private Lender compare to a more traditional investment strategy? Let’s find out: Joe invested his funds in a 3-Year Bank CD, while Jim decided to become a Private Lender and loan the same amount over the same period of time. Let’s see how they fared:

Joe Jim
Investment Strategy Bank CD Private Loan
Investment Amount $50,000 $50,000
Term 3 Years 3 Years
Interest Rate 0.49% APY* 5.00% APR**
Total Earnings $738.61 $7,165.07
Return on Investment 1.48% 14.33%
* National interest rate for 3-year Bank CD as reported by the FDIC

** 5.00% APR amortized over 20 years with payoff at loan maturity

By investing his $50,000 as a Private Lender instead of putting it in a Bank CD, Jim earned $6,426.46 more than Joe. That’s a 870% performance boost over the same amount of time!

Be like Jim and maximize your returns. Find out how much more you can earn by becoming a Private Lender.

Who We Are

Safe & Secure Returns is an investment network. Our mission is to connect regular investors like you to the right investment opportunity. When you join our network of lenders, you will be contacted by potential borrowers with a variety of investment opportunities, all backed by real estate. It is up to you to choose the right lending opportunity for you. Many of our lenders find this process quite enjoyable, because unlike banks, it's not just a business transaction. It's a relationship. You’ll have the opportunity to meet several investors and carefully vet each opportunity brought to you until you find the perfect one.

How it Works


Join Our Network

Submit your information and our team will get in touch with you to set your lending profile.


Receive Proposals

Here the fun begins. Interested borrowers will come to you with loan opportunities, each backed by real estate.


Close the Deal

Now’s the time to do your due diligence, negotiate the loan term, and finalize the deal.


Get Paid

This is the really fun part! Collect monthly checks until your investment is fully re-paid. Repeat to maximize your returns.

The numbers that matter to you

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What our investors are saying

"As a Safe & Secure Returns lender, I have seen a tremendous increase in calls and inquiries from potential borrowers. I definitely recommend that other lenders take advantage of this site as well."

Tay Gainey, Private Lender

"I have been working with Safe & Secure Returns since the beginning of 2015 to provide financing for residential and commercial projects from $15k. They are truly dedicated to providing investors with the tools necessary to close transactions."

Joel Ellowitz, Private Lender

Now is the time to join the ranks of investors who took control of their finances with an investment strategy that’s simple, protected, and profitable. Find out how you would benefit from becoming a Private Lender today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my loan being used for?

Typically, your loan will be used to fund another investor's real estate investment deals. This may be the borrower's next rehab, construction, or commercial project.

Is private lending risky?

As with every investment, private lending does require you to take a certain amount of risk, although it puts you in the position to determine how risky your investment is. With private lending, you determine the interest rate and re-payment schedule for the loan. When reviewing a loan proposal, you’ll use all available information to determine whether or not you are the right lender for that project. Keep in mind that the loan is secured by real estate. As the principal lender, you would typically be the 1st lien holder on the property, which would put in control of the asset should the loan ever default.

Why do people typically borrow from private money lenders?

Individuals may struggle to get a conventional loan for a distressed property they plan to rehab or they may need to quickly close on a deal. Borrowing from private lenders can be the difference between getting a deal or not.

How long does a private money agreement last between a lender and borrower?

Typically, private money agreements last from 6-18 months to several years (just like a traditional mortgage would). In simpler terms, it can last as long as the lender and borrower agree on. As the lender, it’s up to you to determine the term to maximize your return on investment.

What is the average interest rate for this type of investment?

Private Lender loans typically have an interest rate between 5-8%.

How are the payments made to the lender?

As a private money lender, you have a couple of options. You can work directly with the borrower to determine a monthly payment schedule. Or, you can choose to work with a service that keeps track of the payments, works with the borrower to obtain payment, and then directly deposits the amount into your account.

How do I choose the right loan opportunity?

First, determine the amount you want to lend and your desired return on the investment. Then carefully vet potential lending opportunities and select the one that best fits your needs. During this process, you should vet the borrower and obtain as much information about the real estate deal you are funding as you can. The borrowers are prepared to disclose as much of this information as you need to make an informed decision.

What happens if the borrower doesn’t pay back the loan?

Because borrowers are motivated to establish a strong reputation with lenders, this situation is atypical. In the case that it should happen, the note will go in default and you’d foreclose on the property, just like on a bank loan scenario. We’d be happy to refer you to an attorney to handle this process for you. Often, lenders come out ahead on foreclosures.

Are you a broker?

No. We do not collect any fees from your loan, nor do we facilitate the negotiation between the borrower and you. We are simply an investment network that connects lenders and borrowers.


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